PC17: Agenda and documents

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Seventeenth meeting of the Plants Committee

Geneva (Switzerland), 15-19 April 2008

Agenda and documents

(all documents are provided in PDF format)

Agenda itemDocument

Opening of the meeting

No document

Rules of Procedure


Current Rules of Procedure

PC17 Doc. 2.1

Proposed amendments*

PC17 Doc. 2.2

Adoption of the agenda and working programme



PC17 Doc. 3.1 (Rev.1)

Working programme

PC17 Doc. 3.2

Admission of observers

PC17 Doc. 4 (Rev. 2)

Regional reports



PC17 Doc. 5.1


PC17 Doc. 5.2 (Rev.1)

Central and South America and the Caribbean

PC17 Doc. 5.3 (Rev.1)


PC17 Doc. 5.4 (Rev.1)

North America

PC17 Doc. 5.5


PC17 Doc. 5.6

Revision of the Terms of Reference of the Animals and Plants Committees*

PC17 Doc. 6

Cooperation with advisory bodies of other biodiversity-related multilateral environmental agreements*

PC17 Doc. 7

Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species


Evaluation of the Review of Significant Trade*

PC17 Doc. 8.1

Progress report on the country-based Review of Significant Trade in Madagascar*

PC17 Doc. 8.2
 8.3Overview of the species-based Review of Significant TradePC17 Doc. 8.3
 8.4Species selected following CoP13PC17 Doc. 8.4
 8.5Selection of species for trade reviews following CoP14PC17 Doc. 8.5
 8.6Progress report of regional representatives on seven Asian speciesPC17 Doc. 8.6
9.Review of the use of source code 'R'*
PC17 Doc. 9 (Rev. 2)
10.International expert workshop on non-detriment findings*PC17 Doc. 10 (Rev.1)
11.Periodic review of plant species included in the CITES AppendicesPC17 Doc. 11
12.Strategic planning 
 12.1Resolutions and Decisions directed to the Plants CommitteePC17 Doc. 12.1
 12.2Establishment of the Plants Committee prioritiesNo document


 13.1Cactaceae and Orchidaceae: review of annotationsPC17 Doc. 13.1
 13.2Orchids: annotation for species included in Appendix IIPC17 Doc. 13.2
 13.3Tree species: annotations for species included in Appendices II and IIIPC17 Doc. 13.3
14.Review of succulent Euphorbia spp. in Appendix IIPC17 Doc. 14
15.Transport of live plantsPC17 Doc. 15

Timber issues

  16.1.1Progress report on the implementation of the action plan for bigleaf mahoganyPC17 Doc. 16.1.1
Annex 2
  16.1.2International Workshop of Experts on Non-Detriment Findings on Bigleaf Mahogany (Cancun, April 2007): endorsement and adoption of guidelines for making NDFs for mahoganyPC17 Doc. 16.1.2
  16.1.3Volumetric conversion of standing trees to exportable mahogany sawn woodPC17 Doc. 16.1.3
 16.2Progress report on the joint CITES ITTO timber project: first regional meetingPC17 Doc. 16.2
 16.3Cedrela odorata, Dalbergia retusa, D. granadillo and D. stevensoniiPC17 Doc. 16.3
Annex 2
 16.4Problems regarding population-specific Appendix-III timber listingsPC17 Doc. 16.4
 16.5Physical inspection of timber shipmentsPC17 Doc. 16.5

Non-detriment findings


Timber species and medicinal plants

  17.1.1Overview on non-detriment findings for timber species and medicinal plantsPC17 Doc. 17.1.1
  17.1.2Summary report on the non-detriment findings for ramin (Gonystylus spp.) for Malaysia in 2008PC17 Doc. 17.1.2
  17.1.3Final report on the study on abundance, distribution and conservation status of Guaiacum sanctum L. in MexicoPC17 Doc. 17.1.3

Agarwood-producing species

PC17 Doc. 17.2
18.Definition of non-timber forest products

Hybrids and cultivars under the Convention

 19.1Overview of hybrids and cultivars under the ConventionPC17 Doc. 19.1
 19.2Summary of CoP14 Decisions on hybrids and cultivarsPC17 Doc. 19.2

Nomenclatural matters

PC17 Doc. 20

Identification matters

 21.1Progress report on the Identification ManualPC17 Doc. 21.1
 21.2The development of genetic techniques for the forensic identification of Gonystylus (ramin) timber and wood productsPC17 Doc. 21.2 (Rev.1)

Time and venue of the 18th meeting of the Plants Committee

No document

Any other business

No document

Closing remarks

No document


Information documents

Document titleDocumentLanguage

COMMENT - What isn’t an NTFP?

PC17 Inf. 1English

Analytical Review of the Definitions of Non Timber Forest Product


Volumetric conversion of standing trees to exportable mahogany sawn wood (Full report)

PC17 Inf. 3English and Spanish only

Essential elements for the formulation of non-detriment findings (NDFs) on Agarwood-producing taxa (Aquilaria/Gyrinops spp.)

PC17 Inf. 4English

Summary report on the non-detriment findings for ramin (Gonystylus spp.) for Malaysia in 2008

PC17 Inf. 5English

The effect of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species on scientific collections

PC17 Inf. 6English

Strategies for the sustainable use and management of timber tree species subject to international trade: South East Asia

PC17 Inf. 7English

Pre-Convention stocks of pernambuco timber and red sandalwood powder in Switzerland

PC17 Inf. 8English

Monitoring international wildlife trade with coded species data

PC17 Inf. 9English
10.Review of the Status, Harvest, Trade and Management of Seven Asian CITES-listed Medicinal and Aromatic Plant SpeciesPC17 Inf. 10English

*This agenda item will be discussed during the joint session.