Sponsored Delegates Project

Seventeenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties, Johannesburg (South Africa), 24 September-05 October 2016.

The Sponsored Delegates Project aims to ensure representation at meetings of the Conference of the Parties of least developed countries, developing countries and countries with economies in transition that do not have sufficient funds to support the participation of two delegates. Full participation in meetings of the Conference of the Parties is essential to ensure that the recommendations and decisions that are voted reflect the agreements reached by the majority of CITES Parties. This is very important given that, in the past, the results of several crucial votes taken at the meetings were decided by very close margins.

The Secretariat hereby invites all States and organizations that might be able to provide financial support to inform it as soon as possible of their intention to contribute to this important project. The fund-raising target for this project is USD 1 million, to enable the Secretariat to provide the same level of support to Parties as at previous meetings.

If you are interested in making a financial contribution to this project, please contact the CITES Secretariat (David.Morgan@cites.org)


Contributions received for the CoP17 Sponsored Delegates Project

(as of 24 June 2016)

Amount in USD
European Union (EUR 75,247) (deposit) 103,790
Oak Foundation (deposit) 40,000
Austria (EUR 5,000) (deposit) 5,345
GLOBE Foundation (deposit) 4,800
European Union (part of assessed contribution for 2015 as per SC66 decision) (deposit) 60,226
Netherlands (EUR 10,000) (deposit) 10,836
The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) (deposit) 4,000
Germany (EUR 50,000) (pledged) 54,171
Switzerland (CHF 15,000) (pledged) 15,651
Sweden (SEK 150,000) (pledged) 18,515
PEW Charitable Trusts (USD 5,000) (deposit) 5,000
Vulcan Philanthropy (USD 10,000) (pledged) 10,000
Canada (CAD 20,000) (pledged) 15,647
Total 350,130
Programme Support Costs
Net amount
Grand Total


Read Notification to the Parties No. 2015/054 for more about the Sponsored Delegates Project.